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Yes, I've been hittin' the midwest (USA) VW show circuit for the last few years with the objective to photograph as many cool cars as possible. The shows are alway enjoyable -- a lot of interesting people, and a lot of great cars. Next year, I plan to increase my coverage with more shows and more photography. I hope to see you there.  -Rich

NIVA - Northeast Illinois Volkswagen Association
MOFOCO - VW Parts and Service, Milwaukee Wisc.
MAVWC - Milwaukee Area Volkswagen Club

NIVA WV-Fest 2003
Sunday, September 21 2003
Northeast Illinois Volkswagen Association annual VW-Fest held at Anderson VW in Crystal Lake Illinois. Another beautiful day for a car show. The turn-out was excellent... a lot of cool cars on display. I have three galleries of photos showing only a sampling of what was at the show -- each gallery has a thumbnail index.
MOFOCO Bugfest 2003
Saturday, July 19th 2003
MOFOCO's 12th annual BugFest held at Great Lakes Dragaway, Union Grove Wisconsin on Saturday July 19th 2003. It was a beautiful clear and very sunny, not too hot, summer day -- perfect for a Bugfest!! Tons of cool cars, along with drag racing, cross racing, a swap meet, a bikini contest, good food and cold beer -- fantastic!! What more can you ask for? I had a great time.
  • Photo Series 1 contains 47 images of show cars... custom, modified, stock, bugs, ghias, buses.
  • Photo Series 2 contains 17 images of the famous MOFOCO bikini contest; with a special guest appearence by the Drag Racing Hall of Famer "Broadway Bob" Metzler.
  • Photo Series 3 contains 60 images of more show bugs, bajas, buggies, and other customized vehicles. Also shots of drag racing cars, and more.
NIVA Bugfest 2003
Sunday, June 22nd
Northeast Illinois Volkswagen Association annual BugFest held at Larry Roesch VW in Bensenville Illinois.
MOFOCO Bugfest 2002
MOFOCO's Bugfest 2002 was held at Great Lakes Dragaway, Union Grove Wisconsin, on Saturday July 20th. The weather was hot, humid, and intensely sunny. Here are three loosely organized series of images shot at the fest:
  • MOFOCO Series 1 contains 39 images of various cars in the show or just at the fest... custom, modified, stock, Bugs, Ghias, and a few other types.
  • MOFOCO Series 2 contains 22 action photos of the very popular and famous MOFOCO bikini contest. It certainly was a good day for a bikini contest -- Yes!! Eight beautiful ladies competed this year; and the competition was tough. Sarah was voted number one by the crowd. It was all in good fun.
  • MOFOCO Series 3 contains 41 images of some very unusual custom cars, cool bugs, bajas, and buses. Also included are some shots of baja cross racing and drag racing.
NIVA Bugfest 2002
Northeast Illinois Volkswagen Association annual BugFest held at Larry Roesch VW in Villa Park Illinois on Sunday, June 9th 2002. A great day for a Bug show, with an excellent turn out of cars. Check out the photos.
MOFOCO Bugfest 2001
MOFOCO's 10th annually Bugfest held at Great Lakes Dagaway, Union Grove Wisconsin - Saturday, July 14th 2001. Car show, swap meet, Drag racing, and bikini contest. Check out the photos!
Northeast Illinois Volkswagen Association
This event is sponsored by the Northeast Illinois Volkswagen Association and Villa Park Forest Imports. Check out the photos!
Milwaukee Area Volkswagen Club
Saturday, May 31st
The 10th annual Volksfest co-sponsored by the Milwaukee Area Volkswagen Club and Concours Motors was held May 31, 2003 at the Concours Auto Mall located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There was car show, swap meet, auction, music, and food. With proceeds to benefit the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. The weather started out is bit cool and heavy overcast; but later the clouds broke and the sun smiled at us. There were a lot of beautiful and interesting cars at the show; here is a loosely organized sampling of photos I took:
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